Efter det här:

och det här:

börjar jag hålla med bloggkommentarer som den här:

”He’s taking a vibe that has just started to develop in the media — Hillary The Joke You Can’t Take Seriously — and strapped a rocket booster to it.

The SNL bit was one indication of the real damage SniperGate did to Sen. Clinton; now rather than getting mad, Obama is turning her attacks into a joke between himself and all of America.  And the punchline of that joke is Senator Clinton.

If she’s a joke that can’t be taken seriously, she is over.  Done.  Kaput.

This is what he’s doing, and it’s brilliant — because it’s just underscoring a truth we’ve all come to accept, and he is having a laugh along with us.  That’s why it won’t be seen as Negative Politics, or the like — because it’s a joke that the media has already told us to agree with, and one that we are included in.”

…och även om jag är lika charmad av Obama som the next person känns det lite grymt, inte minst med tanke på att Kerry Howley har helt rätt när hon skriver det här:

”But I also understand that self-seriousness is a quality that emerges, in part, from a life spent struggling to be taken seriously. “Be more self-deprecating!” is a truly ridiculous thing to ask an ambitious 60-year-old woman who experienced childhood in the anti-feminist backslide of the 1950s. Or who spent her adult life being pilloried for, alternately, following her husband around like a housewife and being insufficiently vapid to occupy the position of First Lady. (Cough up a cookie recipe, Hillary! Now laugh at yourself.) But I don’t have to like listening to the president of the United States; I do well enough avoiding that experience now. Her apparent lack of charm is not a serious impediment to being an effective executive, though obviously an impediment to getting there.”




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